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Success Stories – Michael R Roberts

In late 2008 I got involved with Internet Marketing. I started out building affiliate sites and was semi-successful but then Mike Filsaime gave me a chance to own Butterfly Marketing. When I started going through his course it really struck me…

I need to start my OWN membership site

I knew the membership site had to be about something I was interested in and, although Internet Marketing was the obvious choice, at the time I didn’t know enough about the subject to begin teaching other people. Instead, I decided to focus on software. What tool or application could I create that would solve a problem faced by Internet Marketers?

Soon after I purchased Butterfly Marketing, I became a subscriber to MDC and I read an article about outsourcing. Next thing I know, I’m taking Mike’s advice and selling my truck to raise the capital to build my own product.

I went to work solving a problem. Eliminate the time-intensive process of Social Bookmarking and Directory Submissions by automating the work with software! Simple yet ingenious!

I’ll be honest; it wasn’t easy to accomplish this goal. It took me a long time and quite a bit of money but within just two months of launching my new membership software site I had received 10,000 opt-ins, many of whom upgraded to the paid level. My company now makes over $ 1,000 per day and I’m receiving a steady stream of new opt-ins. I’m also proud to say that my membership site has since become a recommended product in the annual “30 Day Challenge” (

Making the decision to sell my truck and devote all my time and energy into this project wasn’t easy to do but the rewards are amazing. I work only for myself and I only work the hours that are convenient for me. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a lot of work, but any time I need a day off or want to go for a walk with the wife… I can!

And that’s my story! You can check out my site at

You can also watch the“30 Day Challenge” video featuring my site at

I went from zero knowledge of Internet Marketing to having a $ 500,000+ online business in just one year. Mike Filsaime is a big reason for that so smack him in the arm and tell him thanks :-)

Michael R Roberts

This article was originally featured in Mike Filsaime’s print newsletter, “MDC Monthly.” You can get a free trial copy shipped to your door by clicking here.

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