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Day 1 – 30 Day Raw Food Challenge – Oh the pain…

Ok blog, its just you and me here. You’re probably wondering what the hell im talking about. This is the internal dialect I am having right about now. Its been about a week since I have posted a blog and doing this raw challenge is making my body detox and feel like shit. I am spending days in a down state while the toxins from eating raw food come up and I haven’t blogged, properly for about a week. So right now, as I write this, my mind is going “I really don’t want to do this, can you just make it stop.”

But the reality is, I love to blog, I love adding content that people enjoy to watch and I really want to do this. So as you can imagine, its quite an internal battle going on, just as I write this.

A should pre-frame a little about this video, this is the very first video for the 30 day raw challenge, I am at a friend of mines grandma’s place (Brock Bowen’s) and I have woken up after sleeping for about 12 hours, still very tired, sore and feeling pretty terrible. This is just 24 hours after starting this challenge. My back is aching for no real reason, my knee’s are sore and I honestly sound like I have been crying for about two hours. What I have been doing is just sitting in bed, watching Underbelly The Golden Mile (great show BTW) on my laptop. In my video, it gives a really good understanding of what my body is going through, so although i’m feeling quite shitty, its worth a watch.

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    awesome! i’m excited to see what cool things this challenge brings. couple thoughts… one, i hope you attribute crappy feelings to the old food you’ve been eating and not the new stuff…

    also, i think it would be neat to take some measuring tape and measure your arms, belly, chest… and weight before this deal and each week…

    aaaaaand… on a scale of 1 to 10 explain your overall health, and/or energy, and/or other stuff…

    cool vid… i can’t wait to spend 3 minutes a day watching your vids…. ps- you say i’m a good sidetracker! ;)

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    I really like this blog babe, its so real.. so raw :p


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