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Day 27 – 30 Days on $100 food challenge – OMG SOOOO CLOSE

As you can see from the start of the video, we are starting to lose it abit. While we are starting to lose it, I have to say that doing this challenge has really provoked some thought, as well as taught us many lessons. Both Sheree and I CANNNNNNNOT wait to go shopping and make a big salad with lots of organic goodies. I cannot wait to buy some more lollies (I love lollies) and to many people’s surprize, in doing this challenge, we have actually put on weight not lost weight. Who would have thought that going on a spending money diet would cause us to need to go on a diet. Haha

So day one of the next 30 day challenge, we are going to start exercising more and burning off all the carbs of this 30 day challenge. More funny cool shit in the video, so check it out.

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    You people are really crazy with your challenge:-). I wish you good luck and back on track with your health soon. Your project gave me something to think about… Health, diets, poverty, challenges and so on…

    Why don’t you invite people for a party, when every one bring one dish to put on the table. We did that when we had crisis in Russia many years ago to share the costs. Had lots of fun.
    3 days to go:-)


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