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Friday is Funday + Challenge Is Over

What a week this has been! Well you may already know, my partner and I have been on a 30 day challenge. This challenge started the day we got back from our US tripOn the 2nd of August. I said to her – I have $100AUD in my wallet and I bet We (we love our food.) couldn’t last 30 days eating, the both of us with this money.

She then says, I don’t think we can either so I said lets give it a try. This started the 30 Day $100 Food Challenge. Many of you have given us your support, insights and suggestions to help us stick it out and I can say, yesterday was officially the 1st day after the 30 day challenge. We went out for breakfast, had a beautiful salad for lunch and another tasty dinner. Spending about $80AUD all day yesterday making up for the past 30. It was so much fun and taught us a great deal.

Check out the video below;

Last Day Of The Challenge Video

Oh and Thankyou To Anna K from Chelyabinsk, Russia who suggested we have a bigParty to celebrate the last day of our challenge. As you will see in the above video Anna, it was a blast!

The main purpose of the challenge was to show us, that even through massive restriction we can achieve stuff. This is really just a metaphor for life. As you would see on myJourney of internet marketing, it hasn’t always been easy and there has been times when I thought I was going to have to give up and go and get a Job, but I kept pushing through it. Kept working at what I believed was my path. You too can do this.

Another thing that occurred this week, I was promoting the Auto Blog System X which many of my subscribers bought from my recommendation and have emailed me with some of your achievements. Well done to you, you know who you are. If you missed this, you can find it below:

Many of my subscribers emailed me wanting to know more about creating traffic on twitter so I went searching for a product that I think you would love, I havent yet found one but from the raving reviews about theBonus I gave away for buying the Auto Blog System X, I feel that if I dont give you a copy of the twitter report it would just be slack on my part. All you have to do is pop your email in the page below and I will send it to you forFree.

To Your Success,
Mitch Sanders

P.S. Have a wonderful weekend! :)

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