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Crafting Your Story and Spreading Your Message (Part 2)


Ever since I started spreading more of my  PERSONAL story and message…more things have just been happening…faster and faster.

Thanks for all your great feedback and questions!

I’ve been seriously fired up about sharing all this stuff with you for A LONG TIME but just never really knew if people would dig it.

BUT…here we are!

And so…after years of hitting it hard, NOW is the time to share what I have learned about this thing we all call… SUCCESS.

One of the biggest pieces of success is being able to have VISION. And once you have that vision…that vision of what you want to build….you need to have the confidence and ability to tell the story of that vision from a place of true authenticity.

Buuuutttt….before I get into that…I want to address a question from Matt Greener on the last blog post. He makes a good point… (and thanks for your question, Matt)!

Matt asks,

In concept this appears very simple. However, I’ve wondered if a great story must also be of value to those receiving it? We all have stories, but how do we determine which will be of the greatest value and have the largest positive impact on others?”


I want you to think about a time someone told you a story that triggered one of your emotions…it made you feel something, it had a REAL impact on you.

You know…emotionally?

Whatever that story is FOR YOU, lock it into your mind and start to remember all of the details of what was happening when the story was presented to you. This could’ve been a time where you were at a seminar, watching a YouTube video, out for coffee with a friend, or reading an email.

…Where you experienced the story doesn’t really matter, but what does matter is how you FELT at the time and what made that story so good.

Think about how this story really grabbed your attention… was it a “Catchy Headline” … or was it just the fact that you really trusted the person. Whatever the answer is…there was something that got you to listen.

Stories have this magical way of drawing you in and getting you to feel curious and wanting to learn MORE!

It triggered that feeling within you.

It sparked something within you!

Follow THIS feeling.

Discover what about the story made you feel so passionate… so passionate that it moved you from the inside out, and you wanted to get UP, take action, speak up…. and share your own words, thoughts, sentiments…or simply…YOUR OWN STORY.

Start from THIS place…and when you’re in this space, magic happens!

Because whatever arouses the most positive emotion in you, will arouse the most positive emotion in your audience.

NOW MORE THAN EVER…is the most important time in history to COME ALIVE for the world, and get your message out to the masses.


Because the internet has made it easy to reach millions of people. Today…your STORY has the power to arouse collective emotions throughout the world…especially with the technology we have today. Anyone in the WORLD can hear you now…on their phones, at their houses, on the computer, anywhere!

Many say…“follow your bliss” OR “follow your passion” and the “money will come.”

And…it’s SO true.

You know why?

It’s because we use stories in all forms of communication and everyday in life. And we have been telling stories FOREVER. Think about all the ancient scriptures around the world…they were all in the form of stories!

  • Conversations… in person or on the phone
  • Meetings
  • Emails
  • Blog posts
  • Facebook posts
  • Presentations
  • YouTube Videos
  • Online webinar presentations

Let’s put it this way… anytime you are telling someone something…or want to make your point…do you think you could benefit from understanding how to craft a great story and properly spread your message to your audience?

I asked a couple of my close friends, “what is the value of what I’m sharing?”and the answer kept on coming back… “Seriously Dude, you cannot put a price on it.”

My hope is that along this journey we are taking together you will learn information that you can share with your team members, close friends, and business partners.

Now, for the REALLY GOOD stuff…

The Power of Stories:

Did you know that the subconscious mind actually controls 96 to 98% of your habitual patterns of behavior?

That’s POWER-FULL, and it’s also what makes story telling such powerful influencing tool. Stories are designed to get information to seep deeply into the subconscious mind of your audience…thus allowing you to influence the part of their mind that operates their behaviors (meaning you can influence your audience to do exactly what you want them to do… and when you’re out to inspire people and make the world a better place through your offering, this is a REALLY GOOD THING).

Let’s be honest… like 95% of stories are boring and only worth 1 to 2 minutes of your time.

So, here are 3 powerful psychological techniques you’ll want to start including into the stories right away so you can be in the 5% of AWESOME stories that are shared.

3 Powerful Psychological Techniques That Will Help You Quickly Influence Anyone

1) Receive “Buy In” from your customers

Most people are moving away from products because of all the advertising that’s out there….the advertisers basically try to pitch their ideas and products all the time on you via all the paid ads networks that are out there.

And so…this consistently being pitched at behavior is actually causing consumers to become VERY skeptical of any new product or idea that could potentially help them overcome their current state of mind or life challenge.

In order to influence a customer you MUST get “Buy In” or your audience will shut off and none of what you say will enter into their subconscious mind.

Let me repeat that… In order to influence a customer you MUST get “Buy In” or your audience will shut off and NOTHING you say will enter into their subconscious mind.

So, how do you get Buy In?

It’s pretty simple and in the 21st century it does require you to be completely open, honest, and transparent. There was a time not so long ago where people were getting away with lying to others, promoting in shady ways, and being very secretive with people.

In fact, those were the norm in the internet marketing space not so long ago.

To get ‘Buy In’ now-a-days you have to be giving away 80% of your product UPFRONT… not after someone buys.

By giving tremendous amounts of value upfront, you build a relationship with your customers, and you build trust with them. The more you can give away before selling your product the better, because most of your customers are purchasing from you because of your trusted relationship.

In light of being open, honest, and transparent, “Buy In” cannot be bought; it is something that must be earned. This only happens from delivering great value to your customers…before asking anything from them.

2) Use characters people can associate themselves with.

There are three styles of character you can use while creating a story that will help you to connect with your customers.

Your character is your brand.

Never just make up a character….unless you create one and play off yourself or your personality traits…but make sure to NEVER lie… people pick up that crap right away. BE YOURSELF.

Harry Potter: This character comes across as being shy and reserve, which makes people believe that they are a bit of a nerd with no real special gifts. As people get to know this character they realize that they hold secret powers that no one else has and that they are incredibly powerful.

People are drawn to this character, because they are easy to relate to and connect with.

A Lazy Surfer Dude: This is the character that seems to make everything look incredibly fun and easy. They kinda fly by the seat of their pants, love what they are doing, and always seem to get what they want. They make it look way more fun and easier than we believe is actually possible to achieve, thus making them very desirable.

People are drawn to this character, because most people truly want their lives to be easy and fun.

The Winner: This character is the Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, or Tom Brady’s of our world. They are the winners who seem to be so incredibly talented and make winning look so incredibly easy. They are the alpha male driver character who you just know is going to succeed and people just love following, cheering for, and connecting with on a deep subconscious level.

People are drawn to this character, because they too want the feeling of being the winner.

3) Show don’t tell

When most people are telling their stories they come from a place of telling people what they should be doing. The challenge with this is, when someone is being TOLD what to do they usually shut off. If you try to tell people what to do…they’ll probably just shut off and your ability to influence their behavior will be very ineffective.

Great leaders SHOW people what to do and how to do it… they don’t tell people what to do.

So…instead of telling your audience what to do, SHOW them what to do and HOW to do it.

There are ton’s of ways to do this…and the best way online is through presentations!

You can accomplish this by using really high quality presentation slides and bringing your customers on a JOURNEY with you as you share your story with them.

In the next week or so…I’m going to share with you how I’ve built massive businesses simply using presentations.

And if you decide to join me in my upcoming training series…I’ll show you how I incorporate ALL of these techniques into powerful presentations that allow me to have a HUGE positive impact on others and my business.


In the next blog post…I’ll share with you how to properly craft your story, how to spread your message to your audience and ultimately how this stuff can completely change your life.

Talk soon,


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Amish Shah

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