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The World’s Best Salesman?

I don’t usually post videos but when I do, they are absolutely brilliant. Thank you Jordan from href="">Stackthatmoney for sending me this. It made me LOL and ROFL, then it educated me.

Watch this guy go:

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This guy, Kenny Brooks, is so good at selling. He is so quick with words. And even though I’m sure he repeats those lines to every customer, it still seems fresh and unrehearsed. Once he gets his customers into a trance like state, it really doesn’t matter what this guy is selling or for what price; it could be anything!

I would hire this guy even if I had nothing to sell. I bet I could pick up any product at a supermarket, mark it up by 200%, and this guy could sell it.

“My mom said if it was darker than me and don’t pay the bills it shouldn’t be there.”

“We got the HBO special right here. Do you know what that means? You get to Help a Brother Out.”

Just wow!

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