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About Mitch Sanders

My name is Mitch Sanders and I am a marketing deviant. Why do I say that? I was the kind of kid who when told not to do something, would always do it and the majority of the time, would do it with a massive grin on my face. :)

After spending many years at school, I realised that someone else’s  way of life just didnt suit me. Sitting down, staying quiet and facing the front in a classroom just didnt allow me to think outside the box or do what I do best – Be a Deviant and Speak to people.  I, still to this day remember that most of my report cards read along these lines… “Mitch is a great listener, he tends to apply himself very well to the task/s at hand, but he has such a problem being quite and not disrupting or distracting the rest of the class…” Little did my teachers know that this behaviour which I expressed from start to finish of school, would be the behaviour that enabled me to meet new people, expand my businesses worldwide and meet some of the greatest leaders our world has to offer. Did I mention that this “disruption” which I seem to create, so simply throughout school has led me on a jouney to be able to “distract” hundreds of thousands of people away from their day to day lives or tasks to buy mine or one of my collegues products? Who would have thought. :-P

The skills which my teachers spend so many years telling me to surpress, have enabled me to change the lives of many people around the world, create several businesses (not all of which have failed haha) and SHOCK people enough to take action towards something bigger and greater than themselves. I don’t know about you, but im glad I never listened.

I am a 23 year old Marketing Deviant, I love the beach, travelling, meeting new and inspiring people, my beautiful friends, driving exotic cars (which are not always mine – see and resolving business workflow problems using creative, intuative online and offline marketing techniques. I reside in Sydney, Australia and I worked in the IT Support/IT Management/IT Consulting industry for 3 years before finding the wonderful world of internet marketing. I still remember, to this day, 4 years ago (2006) when I was told by someone, that using the leverage of the internet and the “Product Launch” Strategy (Thanks Jeff Walker and your belief of the Six Figures In Seven Days Vision – that it was possible to make over $100k in 7 days that my mind said; “Wow, I need to learn how to do this stuff.” This started my quest for knowledge and kickstarted the journey I have been on for the past 3 years.

In 2009 I got to meet several of the most influential people who have shaped my marketing career, in San Diego, CA.

Matt Trainer –
Sean McAlister –
Jason Moffat –
Amish Shah -
John Reese –
Frank Kern –
Craig Perrine – (blog seems to be down – google him.)

This continued my strive for success and to push me to start consulting. This story is the shortened version, there is much more information about me on my facebook page, I look forward to speaking to you.

I already have great success marketing products and services on the Internet and make a excellent income from working very short hours from home. Starting this blog is my way to teach what I know and to further my learning and success.

Stay tuned to see how the hell I do this stuff. I’ll teach you everything I know along the way.

Below is a snippet about me, from the view of my business coach.
-Mitch Sanders

Mitch Sanders brings a fresh, insightful and effective approach to marketing your business on the Internet. His constant attention to detail and maximization of available strategies is augmented by inventive tactics that he applies to the ever changing internet landscape.

He is known for enjoying advertisements for the artistry of their sales process and their possible affect on the market place. Mitch is well associated with many of the top internet marketers in the world and applies their guidance to the aspirations of small to medium sized businesses like yours.
While most people will attempt to manage a complex marketing campaign as quickly, and often ineffectively, as possible. Mitch loves to find every little advantage possible to make your campaign produce more results for less dollars. He is employs multiple strategies that can be used to ensure that your business is exposed to as many of the right people as possible, economically.

One of the most cost effective ways of marketing your business is via the internet and Mitch is well versed in all the ways to make the most of it.

When it comes to marketing, sometimes all you need is one good idea to make a world of difference. Mitch can help you sift through the massive and often mind boggling maze of ideas to find that one that works… or perhaps create a suite of strategies working in concert to produce an elegant result.

Written By Peter Hagerty –

Below are some pictures of me, what I love and various friends and business associates I have met in my travels through the world and the internet marketing community.

Ladies and I in Sydney, AustraliaMore Ladies and I in Sydney, AustraliaRAH and I in Sydney, AustraliaTypical Day In London, England.Craig Perrine, Oksana, Frank Kern and I, San Diego, USALarry, Oksana, George and I, San Diego, USAJason Moffat, Christie and I, San Diego, USASean McAlister, Ryan Higgins and I, San Diego, USAGeorge, Matt Trainer, Amish Shah and I, San Diego, USAMatt Trainer, Ryan Higgins and ILadies Again, Kings Cross, Sydney, AustraliaGetting Some Sun, Tamarama Beach, Sydney, Australia