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Facebook’s New Messaging System Explained [VIDEO]

Im sure you have been hearing all the buzz about Facebook’s New Messaging System. I just read a great article on about it. Be sure to watch the video to:

Facebook has just finished sharing its new messaging system with the world. And while the social networking site says that “it’s not e-mail” or designed to be what many pundits wanted to call an “e-mail killer,” it represents a big overhaul of a system that’s being used by more than 350 million peopleto send more than 4 billion messages daily.

In the above video, Facebook provides a brief overview of how the system will work. It might be a while until you get to try it out for yourself though. For now, the Facebook Messages is invite-only and the company says the will “be launching [it] and email addresses gradually and making it available to everyone over the next few months.”

I then found a great video where Mark Zuckerberg is interviewed by Web 2.0 Summit 2010, which you can watch below:

Then I read another article by a buddy of mine

Marshall Wayne which you can read below:

Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook will be rolling out a new version of their messaging system.

It will now include email.  For instance, my facebook username is

This will mean my email will be

It’ll include text messaging, chatting, and email.  Zuckerberg says that they didn’t want to replicate the typical email experience.  They wanted to rethink communication.

Essentially this should rid us of SPAM as long as you have your privacy settings set appropriately.

For more in-depth information, there is a great Mashable article here:

What are your thoughts on the new messaging system?

Conclusion? Facebook is really taking their game to the next level and leading with their head heald high. I am really looking forward to seeing how this new product takes off. If you havent already, I would great you facebook email account. :)

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