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Day One – 30 Days on $100 food challenge

After arriving back in Australia and being forced to stick to a budget in the US were we have been for the past three weeks, Sheree and I decided to take up a challenge. Both Sheree and I love food and I think it is going to be one of the most challenging things I have done to day. Normally each month I spend over $1000 on going out and buying food to fill my hungry gut. This month, between two people we are going to feed ourselves on $100 (or $25AUD/Week).

This is the first video of the challenge and how it really turns your brain into “resourceful mode”. We have since found out there is a project happening globally which is doing just what we are doing ($2/day) its called  -

Both Sheree and I would love your support and comments, suggestions and meal recommendations to make it through to day 30. We have set a couple of rules and one of them is, scabbing from bakeries at close of business is allowed. :P

So if you have any suggestions, comments or recommendations, please post them below or email us directly. We would really love your support!

On to the video:

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    Zara Choy Says:
    August 4th, 2010 at 9:30 pm

    Here are some ideas…

    Cheap food:
    Buy bulk (eg. Flemington markets), cook and freeze.
    Buy on discount. Alfalfa House, Enmore has a 50% shelf for perishables before they get too close to their end-of-life. And it’s organic produce too!
    Paddy’s Markets close Tuesdays (you’ll need to double check) so they’d be wanting to be sell off produce quick toward end of Monday. Possibly the same at the fish markets.

    Free food:
    Soup Kitchens. You’ll have to decided for yourself how you feel about ‘taking’ food that’s for the homeless. There could still be leftovers at the end of the night that would get thrown-out anyway.
    Corporate event leftovers, catered public events (I know of people who do this :-P ). There’s always HUGE wastage!
    Finger food at art exhibitions / openings. (Yikes, this is sounding really desperate! lol)
    Raid your housemates stash, lol! (NOT!!) :-)

    Food/meals in exchange (barter)…
    For something of value to another party eg. a meal in exchange for a hour’s worth of adwords specialist advice, or an errand that you can easily run etc.
    Arrange with a selected cafe / restaurant / grocery shop for an entire month’s supply of free produce or meals in return for a package of services / products you will give them for free.

    Create a spin
    Turn this exercise into a campaign or project that offers good entertainment / learnings / awareness building / food for thought / buzz / publicity then
    a. find a sponsor(s), or
    b. accept donations offered in support or appreciation of your efforts online
    (ie. what do you want to give in return for what you do want to get)


    Good luck!!

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    OK, guys. Here’s one of my ideas fleshed out further:

    Sit at a table in a cafe or restaurant with the following sign (and make sure there’s spare seats at the table!):

    “We’re on a One-Month, Tight-Arse Challenge. *

    Like to buy us lunch?

    For the cost of lunch, you could have:

    – a lunch-time’s worth of free [ marketing / adwords /copywiting / insert your choice offerings ] consulting for your business, normally [insert market value of equivalent service] at [insert your company name here].
    – a lunch-time’s worth of good conversation, fresh perspectives and heaps of fun, added two new people to your social circle and done something you might have never done before (and that’s at the very least!!)
    – nothing but the satisfaction of feeding two hungry and appreciative folk (yeah, that’s right! no obligations. just walk away and continue life-as-usual)
    – helped prove that there is such a thing as a free lunch to be found in this world
    – (list whetever else you could / would like to offer in return here)
    – request something you think we could do for you? (Let’s talk!)

    How game are you?

    * A highly worthy exercise in resourcefulness and an interesting social experiment (which you would be a part of!) in itself.

    So my challenge to you:
    Try this at any of the fab spots in Newtown (just because there are pretty cool folk there) this weekend and see what you get! Could be real interesting! :-D

    I’d love to know how you go!!
    (oh, you could maybe video people’s responses as they walk by, lol)

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    Google Ranking Says:
    August 19th, 2010 at 10:22 am

    I like the first point you made there, but I am not sure I could reasonably apply that in a contructive way.

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