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Interview with Chris Pambos about James Schramko’s Fast Web Formula Event In Sydney, Australia

I sat down with Chris Pambos and talked about James Schramko’s recent event – Fast Web Formula. There was some incredible speakers at this event, with names like – John Carlton, Ed Dale, Brian Johnson, Leanne King, Kyle Tully and of course James Schramko.

I really wish that I attended, but I had scheduled in the Ultimate Success Summit with Tony Robbins and Sir Richard Branson. Anyway, Chris gives us a good insight into some of the content and value that the speakers presented over the weekend.

Below is a review from:

The Fast Web Formula Workshop

The first Fast Web Formula Workshop was held in Sydney on March 5-7th 2010. James Schramko along with his team consisting of Peter Parks who provided tips on how to garner free traffic from articles, Dean Hunt who with his invaluable insights provided methods to be applied to create a buzz and generate interest in product and Kerry Finch, an expert on the techniques of creating content and maximizing traffic for websites.

In addition, market researcher Steve Ovens imparted his knowledge on the best research methods prevalent and Kyle Tully enlightened the audience with useful tips on licensing and leveraging their product through local businesses.

The Workshop aimed at providing start-up tips for online businesses through ingenious strategies and tactics helpful in gaining a strong foothold in the online business. The speakers addressed the audience from a couch which helped the discussion to flow in a comfortable direction with views and thoughts expressed back and forth.

Each participant was required to submit a website, salesletter or a marketing campaign for review by an expert panel. Opinions were shared and tips to improve were exchanged by the panel. Events such as these tend to garner the stereotypical audience, but the Fast Web Formula Workshop brought along unique changes in the outlook of the crowd such as- Instead of a usual underwhelming response from the fairer sex, an equal presence of both the genders was on display.

This led to a unified and holistic participation for the speakers and audience alike.Half of the audience was over the age of 35, which highlighted the trend of many successful professionals desiring to switch over to a self-owned business.

James Schramko

James Schramko is a highly successful Australian internet marketer who quit his high paying professional job to apply his knowledge of online marketing strategies. He has achieved remarkable success and has developed strong strategies which have led to him being one of the forerunners of the industry. James has with great effect identified profitable niches and products which cater to those niches.

He has used his strategies and created products and delivers traffic generation services to an exclusive clique of private clients. These products have permitted him to tap into many top internet marketers businesses where his services are in prime demand. James has successfully sold millions of dollars worth of products and services on the internet and has established himself as a leader in providing the most cutting-edge techniques often way before the mainstream market conceptualizes it.

The Fast Web Formula Workshop 2

After the runaway success of the first Fast Web Formula Workshop, James Schramko and his team are back again with a new and improved version this September 10-12th 2010 featuring industry leaders for the first time ever. The new speakers include:

John Carlton- Amongst the World’s leading copyright writers, Carlton’s presence lends a lot of credence to the quality of the program

Ed Dale- Creator of the 30 day challenge and an expert online marketer. Kenny Goodman- nicknamed the ‘domain’ master for his expertise on investing in them will shed light on his experiences.

Brian Johnson- Strategic Profit’s CEO, Johnson will explain high end leveraging systems and its application for businesses.

Leanne King- The ‘WordPress Queen’, King will highlight the effective usage of WordPress strategies in businesses.

Lynne Terry- A full-time online marketer, Terry will elucidate how her career spanning over 13 years has provided her with the ‘dream life’.

The Fast Web Formula Workshop 2 will help businesses keep their marketing staff up to date with the latest techniques and will also assist in promoting a better in-house marketing. Furthermore, online marketers keen on taking their business to the next level will profit with the experience and strategies of the experts and will be in a better position to provide clients with the latest and best service available. Another benefit is for offline marketers who are seeking to establish their presence and hence, bridge the gap of online marketing in their business.

Conclusion Online Business is a relatively new concept and there is much money to make in it. However, not everyone who tries his hand at internet business is successful in terms of profit. An online business if followed with grit, determination and sincerity along the lines of the proposed techniques and strategies, will lead to an assured success.

An instantaneous response and direct feedback is probably one of the best benefits any participant may derive, one may gain from a workshop such as the above. Questions can be posed and quick replies will be received. Brainstorming can be done, not only with the marketing experts present, but also with the other participants, which will create invaluable perspective. With a whole lot of participants from different country’s present, networking is also an inevitable outcome.

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