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Siimon Reynolds & Mitch Sanders Discuss Mindset and Learning @ The Ultimate Success Summit

I ran into Siimon Reynolds at the Ultimate Success Summit in Sydney, Australia and decided to hit him up for an interview. This was the first time I saw Siimon speak and I was truly blow away by all the insights in his presentation, but what really made me see Siimon as a lead in his field, is how he was able to add tremendous value to the entire crowd of 6000 people by giving away his highly acclaimed eBook with the secrets to his success and how to avoid the pitfalls he has learnt from. He offered this to every single one of the 6000 people at this event, by telling them to SMS (Text message for my American friends) their email address to the mobile phone number on the screen above. I asked Siimon what kind of result he got, he wouldn’t tell me but said it was much higher than he thought he would. Great little idea got, what I would guess as thousands of phone numbers and email address. Well done Siimon Reynolds.

The main point which distinguished him from many of the other speakers is he really hammered, which such importance the point about you are always learning and if your not, you might as well be dead (not his words, but by own) when you own your own business or if you are an entrepreneur, this is a must for you. He goes into more detail in the below interview.

After twisiting Siimon’s arm (which you dont actually see on camera – But I did enjoy it! Hehe), he has agreed to keep the special offer of The Fortune Institute open for the ridiculous of v price of $1 for the first 8 days, giving you $1,000,000′s of dollars of worth of value, ideas, strategies and wealth creation pathways for next to nothing.

I grabbed some info from his website for you, check it out below:

Sure everybody who is truthful privately hopes to be a millionaire,

….but only a very few make it.

Why is this so?

Most people don’t know how, or fail and give up, because it’s too difficult

Now there’s a better way… One of Australia’s most successful business entrepreneurs, someone who has made millions, will teach you the right way, each week for just 60 minutes.

That’s all it takes, just 60 minutes each week and piece by piece you will be on the road to achieving your own life’s dreams and goals.

If you are not a millionaire or have failed so far, it’s really not your fault. Standard schools and universities don’t teach you how to be successful.

But now there is a way and it won’t cost you a fortune either…as little as $50 per week and 60 minutes is all you need.

Check this out…..


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