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12 in 2012: Top 12 Predictions for Apps in 2012

Do you enjoy having your fortune read to create optimism for the future? Well, today is YOUR lucky day!

Let’s go on a journey together!

Remember when you were a kid and how fun it was to go to the carnival and just well… be a kid. Go on rides, play games, eat junk food, and maybe get into some trouble!

Imagine yourself there NOW! The smell of cotton candy, mini doughnuts, and popcorn fills the air! YUM! The sounds of people laughing and screaming!

But, you’re not here to play kids’ games! No way! Although, you still may feel like a kid, you’re a grown up now and you mean business!

So you head straight for what will help you create optimism for the future!

Not a fortune teller… No… Wayyyyy Cooler…


You put your 25 cents to have Zoltar the Genie tell your fortune and you ask him,

“Zoltar, what are the Top 12 Predictions in Apps in 2012?”

Well, since Zoltar is a super bad ass. He grants you this information.

Here we gooooo!

Zoltar says…

1) By the end of 2012, people will begin to switch from being App Consumers to App Creators!

2) App stores will intelligently recommend Apps based on Apps’ number of purchases and usage amounts.

3) Apple’s products -ipod/iphone/ipad- will be one of the top video game consoles along with Sony products, Nintendo products, and Microsoft products.

4) Smartphone sales will pass computers!

5) Apps will become the main communication medium between businesses and consumers using cloud technology replacing email, and they will function more like an instant message or text message but with MAJOR enhancements.

6) The technology for the use of Apps will force hardware to “catch up.”

  • Like a cutting board in the kitchen with a screen on it showing you how to cut those crazy flowers out of a carrot while you’re using the cutting board to actually do it! Zoltar says that this app would be something like Gourmet Chef Training, much like Disney has done with merging the physical world with Apps.

Zoltar says that, “the advancement and development of Apps will give birth to a major boom and push in the hardware industry.”


7) Apps will replace traditional media!

  • Zoltar says that “it’s already happening so not really a prediction, although it’s going to accelerate VERY rapidly!”

8 ) Amazon will push hard into the app store space and the tablet space at a much quicker pace!

9) The adoption of Android will grow faster than most people estimate because of the flexibility.

And for App Developers out there… Zoltar says…

10) Companies that develop Apps for mobile e-wallet purchases and integration of social coupon sharing will explode and the Adapters that get into the game now will be bought out very quickly for huge sums of money.

  • Zoltar stated tag lines like, “Swipe your smart phone instead of your debit card” or “Tap it, Swipe it, and Buy it” … will pop up!

11) And by adding a social plugin, it will take it to the next level.  Zoltar said that “Jim was able to send a 50 cent coupon for product X to 500 of his Facebook or social media friends.” (Hint! Hint!)

  • This will be the ‘personal sharing with friend’ and trust factor! Major brands will kill for this because they don’t have the power of trust Jim has with Jane, of course!

12) And finally, as India, and south America continue to get online with less internet restrictions, Zoltar says that we’ll see a boom of hundreds of millions of new people eager to consume on mobile, and advertisers and smart App Developers are licking their chops!

  • App Developers who want to focus for these markets are prime to be bought out for enormous sums as well in a very quick time, 14 months tops.  Again the money is in the collection of the data.

You say, “Awesome. Thanks Zoltar! You really are a SUPER bad ass. But what about my fortune for 2012?

Zoltar says, “2012 is YOUR YEAR! So DO IT UP!”

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Amish Shah

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