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Taking Six Months to Dance Around The World

Sometimes you just have to go your own way…

Sebastien (the French Marketer) is in my Platinum mastermind group… and last year he came to our Plat meeting and told us about a plan he had to take six months off, only work one hour a day, and travel around the world with his girlfriend Cecile.

Sadly, we had to tell him that he didn’t have the proper systems in place to take the trip without blowing up his business.

Then four months later Sebastien came to our next Platinum meeting and showed us the systems he had put in his business so he could take his trip.

It was heartbreaking, but we had to tell him that we just didn’t think he was ready. The trip was a disaster-in-the-making for his business. No matter how badly he wanted to take the trip, we just didn’t see how his business was ready.

But there was a secret Sebastien hadn’t told us about – he planned to propose to his girlfriend while they were on the trip. And there was no way he was going to postpone or cancel his trip around the world…

Watch this video for the story of Sebastien and Cecile’s trip (and to find out what Cecile’s answer was)…

P.S. Happily, this is one time when Sebastien made the right call and ignored our advice. Sometimes you have to listen to your instincts… and he did. And his business is doing just great.

P.P.S. I just love my “job” … helping people like Sebastien create the lifestlyle they want just never gets old. :-)

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