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Employing the 80/20 rule from “The Four Hour Work Week” By Tim Ferris

I love this book and recommend it to anyone and everyone who owns or is thinking of running a business (That is my way of blanketing every know stereotype of person who I know, to read the damn thing.)

After my recent trip to America (which I know I still need to blog about – I actually have 44 different blog topics to write about on the backlog, but have made the time to do so.) we got to meet and see various different business being built and growing, some of them exponentially (like 1 mill/month type of income). It sort blew my mind and really showed me that this here internet thing that we all know and love is some what of an incredible delivery mechanism. After seeing the ease that these business were growing it made me, make a decision to employ the 80/20 rule in my business.

Might I add, this is somewhat to my detriment, cause my income took a massive hit. But in getting rid of all the problem clients, I have been able to clear the waters for new and more fun to be around clients. In my idea world, my perfect client is someone who pays me alot of money (around $10-20k/month), of the money they pay me, I make them 3-4 times that in profit. They laugh at my jokes (not always, actually most of the time they pay me out about my lame jokes), I invite them to come on holidays with my partner and I and we all really enjoy each others company. Now I just dont have room for like 2 million of these clients in my life, so I have set my vision for 5 of them and im sitting here looking at my watch listen for a knock at the door or my phone to ring. (ok well not really, that last part.)

Im actually putting a plan of action together, with action steps along the way, because I want to love and really enjoy the work I do for my clients, rather than just doing it for fear of not being able to pay my bills or do the things I love like I have been previously.

So this here is my world wide public decoration, new clients, who want your business to grow exponentially. Im here and waiting, email or call me at will. :)

To everyone else, thanks for reading and I have really enjoyed doing this brain dump.

Speaking of brain dumps, my partner ( is reading a book called the artists way, which teaches you to allow your creativity to flow more freely, its quite cool from what she tells me (im more of an audio book person.) one of the excercises it teaches you is to write three pages every morning (morning pages) of just nothing writing. Which is sort of what this blog is about, not really but sort of. :)

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