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Day 12 – 30 Days on $100 food challenge – Parties Are The Best!

This is the first of all our videos minus Sheree. Which sorta sucks, but I still cover some really cool points.

The video is a little late (due to a party last night), but that party has been what has saved us a bunch of money for yesterday. (didnt spend a cent). Had a great time and saw some wonderful people. So checkout today and we would love to hear your answers to the question.

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    This entrepreneur has had to have multiple 30 day challenges in his quest for freedom. “Food Hustling” is one of my specialties. ;)

    I have found that if you are good company, folks want you around… and it’s easy to get invited to get togethers if people like you.

    So, bring value in all of your relationships so you aren’t a burden. Give more, serve more, and just plain care. I know it’s cliche, but I’m a gazillion “kilos” overweight… I should know. ;)

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    ps- i gotta watch those “i am”s… what i meant to say is currenty the weight that is collected on my body proves that i have eaten plenty…

    or something to that effect. ;)


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