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Day 13 – 30 Days on $100 food challenge – $0 spend with a full belly!

A little bit of controversy today, Sheree and I had a fight which lead to a really good video. Check it out and give us your feedback to the todays question:

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    my wife and all my past roommates “claim” that i snore like a champ (not one has been able to prove it yet)…

    anyways, prior to being in business for myself, i worked as a manager at an automotive repair shop… on the clock 72 hours per week, not including drive time to and from work.

    i didn’t have time to sleep, eat, or poo… let alone think…

    anyway, i was always a nervous wreck. my diet consisted of 2 20ounce cokes a day… etc.

    one night (and by one night, what i really mean is EVERY NIGHT…) my wife woke me up… (she usually did this by shaking, kicking, yelling, elbowing, pushing, kneeing (i know, love, right?)…

    she did this because that was the only way she could sleep. if i woke up, i wouldn’t start snoring until i fell back asleep… so she would wake me up and hurry up and try to fall asleep. but with my schedule, i was always exhausted, so her time to fall asleep kept getting shorter and shorter and shorter…

    there were nights where she would wake me up 3,4, 5 times or more. (and remember i was a nervous wreck)

    one night, i had enough. she said she couldn’t sleep because “i was snoring too loud” (still she hasn’t proved that)…

    well, i couldn’t sleep because my wife was beating me every time i fell asleep!!!

    so, i got pissed, looked at her… and said, “I’m too loud? huh? Too loud? Ok…”

    and i proceeded to get up (3am-ish), go outside, go into the garage/shed and grab a box of 1000 pairs of earplugs (had them from work) and i carried that dang box into the house with a vengeance!!!

    came back into the room and asked again, “i’m too loud?” then i threw the ENTIRE BOX at her and said something along the lines of “well, here… fix it” or something.

    that was small and we laugh hard about it now. the contributing factors were mostly the stress. my diet sucked, i never slept, i was punchy and snappy all of the time, my boss was… yeah, ummm… and my wife knew she had to get up in moments to take care of our newborn… etc.

    stress will do that. i wonder how much a diet high in carbs will affect that.

    seriously though, this is something we laugh about. i don’t abuse my fam and regularly throw industrial size boxes of earplugs at them…


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    Lana and I have only had 2 fights. One was about her using her phone while driving and the other was a squabble about directions. East or West? East or West?

    Imagine that. A couple fighting about directions.


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