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Day 17 – 30 Days on $100 food challenge – OMG CRAVINGSSSSSSSS!

Its day 17 and the cravings have just hit. Plus im having continual problems uploading videos to TubeMogul so its taking longer to get blog posts done than usual. Today was a great day, for those of you who have been watching and noticing my extra curricular activities, I have been skateboarding more and I’m getting much better. I tell you what thought, its a real challenge. When I was 14-16 years old (about 7-9 years ago – I’m 23 now) it was so much easier to skate than it is now, plus I get tired so much easily. (Thats probably cause I’m damn unfit.) Anyway, I have been really enjoying it and having alot of fun, burning off the calories of all the white flour I have been eating on this challenge.

Today’s video is about how can we manipulate the system to get lollies and not actually decrease our budget. We haven’t come to any conclusions but its still up in the air. We encourage you to comment if you have any creatives ideas and thanks Addison for the comment yesterday about times you have stolen stuff. Well done mate. :)

Oh and checkout Addison Hollands new blog, which he is frantically writing stuff up about. Check it out here:

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    free suckers (lollies) at the bank. you can go get money out or put money in. no shame, take a few suckers for your “4 kids” in the car.

    free ice cream samples at the icecream shop. find one with a bunch of flavors, go sample… and accidentally forget your money… and leave.

    or, you could go back to square one and call up some friends and have them buy a big fricken bucket of ice cream and choc syrup and invite you over for ice cream…

    seriously, send the call on the next vid… “who wants to have sheree and i over for ice cream with hot fudge, whipped cream, cherries, etc… this weekend?” hopefully someone will take you up.


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