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Day 18 – 30 Days on $100 food challenge – Finally – Damn Video Uploading Site!


This video was due yesterday, but we have been having MASSIVE problems with our video uploading website. Sheree has an awesome tip for you for today as well as a really good question. Love to hear your results below.

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    I confess I’m a bit puzzled by watching this. Admittedly, on Saturday Flemington markets closes later in the day than during the week, which conflicted with your social arrangement…

    Yet at the same time, when you are spending there only a few dollars at most there for a 10 to 15 kg box or bag of seasonal fruit or vegetables because a wholesaler is trying to clear it rather than put it in a refridgerator, and $25 to $30 spent at a meat wholesaler such as Glenmore meats @ Wentworth Park buys you between a third and a half of a lamb or sheep, pre-cut into portions, that will feed two people very well for a month or so….What on earth are you two thinking risking life, limb (and a criminal record) by raiding people’s gardens, and sending yourselves around the twist by eating poorly?

    Clearly, starving isn’t the solution – buying better food, and buying smarter is. I promise that as soon as you two start eating fresh fruit, vegetables and protein that you are going to start feeling better than you have in a long time!

    I just wish you had let me help you do that on Saturday….

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    ICE CREAM!!! I love it!!! I also appreciate your candidness and being real with how you are behind camera sometimes with a crap diet. It is also encouraging that you guys can laugh about it in front of the camera.

    I am encouraged by your relationship. You guys rock!!!

    And Sheree, ummm… yeah, I got nothin’ as far as the pms stuff goes… sorry. ;)

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    The solution to the PMS and the crankiness is easy:

    A) Filter your water
    B) Aerate your water by pouring it between your glass and a jug at least 3-4 times. This gives the water molecules the same electrical charge and oxygen content as stream water, helping it to be absorbed into your bloodstream
    C)Try to drink it close to room temperature – again, so that your body can absorb it. Keep it in something ceramic rather than plastic if you can manage it – even if it is low exposure, the ethers from plastic aren’t good for you.
    D) Drink about one and a half to two litres. It sounds like a lot, but is only two middling size glasses per meal, and one glass on rising and going to bed.
    E) Start eating fresh fruits, vegetables and proteins again rather than processed foods – in fact, if you can stick to this, and can cut high glyceamic foods out, you will start feeling hugely different very, very quickly. Men and women react chemically and hormonally within hours to what they eat. Change what you eat = change your hormone balance, and how you feel, within hours.
    Give me a buzz as soon as you want to go food shopping…


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