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Day 25 – 30 Days on $100 food challenge

Work lunches are great, we ate like kings tonight. Thanks to Sheree’s awesome work mates.

I dont have much to say today, but the video says a bunch. :)

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    Got an idea.


    Start with your last 40 cents and contact folks who are willing to trade something BIGGER or BETTER than the 40 cents.

    Once this trade is made… you MAY NEVER TRADE IT BACK…

    Then take that item and trade it up for something bigger or BETTER…

    Again, once the trade is made, they may never get it back.

    Try and each make a trade a day…

    Maybe each of you trade 20 cents and try and beat eachother…

    on day 30, try and make a final trade for a kick ass meal or gift certificate…

    google Big Red Paperclip.

    I have played with a pencil several times… having less than 3 hours…

    one time… a ping pong table. full table. no joke.

    another time, 2 ice cream cakes and a pint of icecream

    another time, a computer… old but working.

    … all in less than 3 hours… i had a recliner, a canoe, and a large pizza in between those but the idea is always to try and go bigger or better…

    c’mon, this will be fun. holla!


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