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Day 8 – 30 Days on $100 food challenge – Late but not never.

Hey, this video is like a day late, my bad. We ended up getting home after quite the adventure last night, at around 2:30am and were Zorsted…

We had a great day and ate lots of stuff, nice food, from people who either shouted us lunch or made us dinner. We got given 2 large boxes of fruit and a couple of bags from a friend of mine Daniel, who runs Sydney Ghost Tour – A massive thankyou for that goes to Daniel from both Sheree and I.

We are brainstorming ideas to get a “free lunch” as an additional part of the challenge, so we will keep you posted on that one. For now, checkout todays video.

Oh and be sure to comment or make any suggestions of what you want to see, do or offer. :)

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    Ha! Another nugget for your videos, is to send shout outs like this… this vid was appreciated and I felt a real connection.

    Gary Vaynerchuk does this extremely well in his winelibrary episodes…

    here is a funny clip about gary… connecting with one person…

    and here is another one with a chalk board in the back, always welcoming new folks, giving a shout out to folks, inside jokes for folks who regularly watch the show (making folks who are out of the loop wanting to be part of the group)…

    etc… look for the chalk board in this one… and at about 7:30-8:10 you’ll catch an inside thing… and fast forward to the end… he has the best questions of the day…

    but, giving folks a shout out makes the folks who aren’t getting one, want to get one… and they will be more inclined to do whatever to get that recognition.

    kinda like rewarding positive behavior in dog training… reward the behavior you want… comments, email opt ins, etc.

    also, see, marshall’s site… on the bottom right, he rewards his top commentors… and folks fight to be number one…

    …and the search engines love this… his site has a google rating of 4.

    yeah, i’m done for now. but, in your other challenges… you can plan ahead and build lists, build rapport, get raving fans… etc.


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