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Day 3: Internet Marketing Life Change + Cool JV Offer

Today I talk about the JV offer I am managing and some of the stuff we have been getting upto in Chiang Mai. The launch goes live on the 2nd Of  December 2010 so if you want to win $10,000USD of hard cash or trade that in for a mystery prize of $1,000,000 click the below link to learn more. I already have some super star affiliate lined up and ready to promote. Names like Greg Wood, Adam Short, Mark Anastasi, Adeel and Bobby, Marc Lindsay, Ian Ross, Reed Floren, Paul Liburd, Antonio Guiditta, Neil Asher, Adam Horwitz, Alex Shelton, Kieran Gill, Phil Henderson, Steven Lee Jones, Alex Goad, Greg Jacobs, Ben Hulme, Steven Johnson, Jani G, Mitch Sanders (Me), Dylan Loh, Chris Cobb, Eric Rockefeller, Joey Kissimmee, Michael Dunlop, Imran S, Matt Gill, Daniel Wagner, Dean Holland and more!

Click the below link to sign up as a JV:

Now onto the video:

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