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Our Deepest Fear By Anthony Robbins

I am a BIG BIG BIG Tony Robbins fan and attribute some of my closest friends, amazing experiences and incredible connections to him and his wonderful community. A few weeks ago my partner and I (Sheree Mirabito) attended his Business Mastery program in Melbourne, Australia and got some incredible content and value out of it. One of the many things that stick out in my mind after that event was a video that was played to give you an understanding of the “never give up” attitude.

This video makes my eyes well up with tears every time I see it because I know, from first hand experience how it feels when you are just working so damn hard towards your goals or towards your dreams and no matter how hard you try it feels like your pushing against a brick wall. The the good news is, this brick wall will eventually come down and you will have success beyond your wildest dreams. Its a truely powerful message and I would love to hear your comments after you watch it.

Speaking about challenges and adventures, I have just finished packing my bags here in Australia to move permanently to Chiang Mai, Thailand. An adventure with many blog posts, many videos and many different stories which I will be sharing with you. So keep your eyes out. Until then, here is the movie!

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    Gangsta! Super excited for you. I appreciate your candidness with your fears. Way to look at it in the face and take action anyway! Love it! ps- watch out for the girlymen of Thailand.


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