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The Minimalistic Movement By John Reese, Joanna Kinsman & Mitch Sanders

I just read a blog post by a girl who is so dear to my hear – Joanna Kinsman, Such an amazing, beautiful, giving and full of life, big hearted girl she is. (I could say more but im pretty sure you get the picture. She is fucking great. :P )

As many of you may know, I am about to move to Thailand to work with Greg Jacobs for an unknown amount of months. Its an amazing chance of a life time to work with him and also to move over there, The best part is that my girlfriend (Sheree Mirabito)  can come with me too! So onto the point of this post. I was thinking as I look at all my “stuff” shit I have heaps to take with me to Thailand. How am I going to fit that in just one suitcase, oh thats ok, I can just get another and cram as much shit as possible into them both.

But the reality of this is, I really only wear about 1/4 of the clothes I own, I dont need 5 different parts of shoes and I really don’t need all the computer technical crap that I would normally bring with me. I just need the bare minimum. Thats the reality, but telling myself thats all im taking is another story. It wasnt until I read the blew blog post that Joanna Kinsman wrote (I knew about John Reese‘s minimalistic journey as John is a friend of mine, but I never really thought it was going to be me who followed.) And the other reality is 90% of my stuff is in storage as I lived out of my car for 11months while I was working on my internet businesses, that 11 months ended about 3 months ago after getting back from a Trip to the USA.

I HAVE DECIDED – I am only taking one suitcase and I am going to take as little as possible, I might even model of what John Reese did in one of the links below:

“After recently telling someone about what I am doing they said, ‘But, John, I gotta tell you. It really sounds like you’re just running from life.’ To which I replied, ‘No, you don’t
understand, I’m running TO life.’”
-John Reese

A few months ago, John Reese, though it wasn’t his intention, started a trend in the world of internet marketing, by selling and giving away most of his

belongings. He broke the lease on the gorgeous home he was renting on the ocean in La Jolla, CA and with only his laptop and a backpack of select items, set out to travel the world.
You can read his public letter here.

Kris Mainieri recently made a similar decision, gaving away many of his possessions, and just this week took off on a trip around the world with his girlfriend. Check out Kris’ letter on the Warrior Forum.

Now, I didn’t have a luxury car to sell, or a $7k/month home that I was renting, but I have certainly experienced a shift since moving from California to Maine two months ago. Perhaps it’s the more simple, laid back lifestyle here that I’ve slipped back into on the east coast.

This was supposed to be a temporary move, but I’ve decided to stay, given the great opportunity that has developed here. I need to book a flight, sort through the things I left behind, sell my car, and frankly – it’s the most stressed I’ve felt in a long time.

I realized that I’ve been getting along just fine with the few things I brought with me across the country, and have nearly forgotten about all of the shoes and dresses I left behind. It almost makes me sick thinking about how much money I’ve spent on those items that are so insignificant to my life that I can’t even remember what they are!

One of the easiest ways to keep all this stuff to a minimum is certainly picking up and moving, causing you to sort through the things you really do want or need – I just realized I’ve moved 9 times in the past 3 years! I’m looking forward to once again having my inventory downsized, selling some of my belongings, and giving things away to friends and Goodwill.

The closet in my apartment that is brimming with stuff, and the car I left behind are weighing me down and while I’m dreading the process, I know it will feel great to take care of this and start fresh :)

I would love to hear your thoughts, comments and suggestions – Have you ever done anything like this or even thought about doing something like this?

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    While, in theory, it would be an awesome idea to be able to just pack up and travel the world…

    For us folks with families (wife, kids) => that’s not easy.

    Sure, we can still work from anywhere, provided that there’s an internet connection, but with a family?

    Us entrepreneurs and small business consultants need to make traveling the work. Here’s hoping- ha!

  2. avatar
    Mitch Sanders Says:
    October 7th, 2010 at 1:12 am

    Haha I see what your saying, but as Tony Robbins would say “Thats just a limiting belief”

    Anything is possible if the mind wants it. :(

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    [...] The Minimalistic Movement By John Reese, Joanna Kinsman & Mitch Sanders |… [...]


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