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Long Time No Post – Where Did June Go?

G’day, I do still love you! :)

Its been over a month since I have written on my blog and shared with the world what has been going on in the life of Mitch Sanders.

I dont even know where June when to be honest. At present, it is 12:49am in Los Angeles, CA and I just ate a really nice Italian Pizza.

We are on a USA trip (my girly and I – Sheree) for 3 weeks, with mostly fun and a side of business. At the moment I am putting together a product launch, running my business (Web Design/Online Marketing) and managing a project, writing lots of sales and email copy and still managing to find time to learn and absorb new teachings. So as you can imagine, I am a little time poor.

The product launch is expected to go live on on the 22nd of Sept 2010 (pre-launch) and launch day will be around the 29th of Sept 2010. This product will really make its mark in the personal development market place as its something people have been searching for, for years.

During my travels in the US, I would expect that my blog is going to get a little neglected, but part of the trip is for us to do a video, which has a unique twist and will something I think you will really enjoy, so I will keep you posted.

Its day one of our 21 day trip to the US, we are in LA, then go to San Deigo, Then head to Hollywood, then to Las Vegas, then to New York and back to San Diego and then back to LA where we fly home. I have to say, it is our first day and still, there has been a bunch of crazy/dramatic/adventurous stories to be told. Each of these crazy stories has a really good learning and reflection part of them, although they mostly seem negative and just plain painful. I have started to jot down these stories and should have around 20-25 blog posts by the end of this trip. So stay tuned…

Below is handful of pics from the past day or so of travelling which are a bit of a laugh for you to checkout, they are mostly of us on the plane and in Auckland, NZ as by the time we got to LA (19 hours) we were both grumpy and totally over cameras. Hehe

Stay tuned, stay free, man.

Remember, if there is a rule that says you shouldn’t do it, its normally more fun to. Embrace Deviance.


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