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Mitch Catchup’s Up With Brad Smith From Braaap


Welcome to another week of dirty MiniRiders fun, is it cold in , ?

The emails and blog post from me have been a bit erratic over the past few weeks as I am business is a little crazy, I’m planning another trip overseas to America and also to Queensland later this week, but enough about me.

I was fortunate enough to catch-up over the phone with Brad Smith from, I read a few magazine articles about braaap and Brad heading to Las Vegas for the world Mini Moto SX and thought it would be a good to hear how the trip went.

Brad has just got back from 6 weeks overseas, travelling to Asia, USA and Europe developing the braaap product range and competing in the World Mini SX Championships, he was still buzzing with excitement from the event.

Brad Smith (Braaap) was the highest placed Aussie in the world finals. We had some other riders; Reefy , Boxy and the Howe Brother’s, which I mentioned in previous emails who did an awesome job in the amateur and the vet classes but I didn’t speak at all about the World Finals (Pro Class).
To qualify for the world Final, riders had to ride heats, the Las Vegas Mini SX event has over 600 riders and only 20 qualify for the world final, and it’s the final race of the night, the main event.

Brad ranked 11th in the world, the highest placed Aussie. Well Done Brad.

That’s not even the best part, when speaking to Brad he told me that during his training in the lead up to the event, he came off his bike and dislocated his shoulder, putting his arm in a sling and keeping him off his bike for around 6 weeks. This absolutely blew me away; having to deal with a dislocated shoulder still didn’t stop him from ranking 11th in the World Championships.

“Man I feel stoked to be even at the event and to qualify for the final and line up in the world final was awesome! But I gotta stay out a hospital and train my ass off ready for next year cause 11th sucks! LOL”

Brad said they met some awesome people in the USA, rode at Carey hart’s old house on their sick back yard track, meeting the crew from Pro Circuit, Troy Lee Designs and so many other big time moto brands.

My original curiosity about Brad was I wanted to know where Brad started and where braaap is headed, I locked in a time to do a Skype interview with him next week. So stay tuned.

Brad asked me to post up his Facebook so that you guys can add him.

P.S. On a Side note, I’m coming to Queensland next Saturday for about a week, going to be around Surfers, Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. If anyone is at any of those areas, send me an email, would love to meet up – Mitch (at)

Until Next Time,

Mitch Sanders


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