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1000 people give you $1000. Here’s how the money shows up

Got an interesting email from Perry Marshall today, reads like this:


If you have an email list of 1000 people and you want to sell $1000 of stuff to them, you’re not going to get it by making a $1.00 sale to all 1000.

Chances are, if you make a $1.00 offer to 1000 people you might only reel in $50.00

I’m sure you know that. Most people do. But most still don’t act on that knowledge.

If you get $1000 from 1000 people, it’s likely to show up something like this:

$400 from 1
$100 from 2
$50 from 5
$25 from 6

At this point, average marketer, having collected his $1000, has now extracted all the money that’s available from his list. At least for now.

But if you know how to segment your list based on peoples’ actual desires, there’s a 2nd $1000 and a 3rd $1000 available from that same list – by scratching a different itch.

Not only that, the first $1000 could have come from only sending 200 or 500 emails, not 1000.

ONE list of people acquired from interest in ONE topic is capable of generating 3-6 times more money than the average marketer ever gets from it. Most people barely scratch the surface.

I invite you to visualize all the dimensions of commerce that exist inside your email list – no matter how big or small that list is. There are a LOT of desires in that small population of people.

Invisible Streams enables you to identify those desires and naturally, effortlessly grow your list like a garden – with separate patches of tomatoes, strawberries, carrots and cucumbers. All from the same soil:

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