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12 Buttons 1 winner (Plenty of Fish Case Study)

call to action buttons

Call to action buttons are silent assassins. They are usually the feature that is least focused on when creating ads. That’s kind of strange considering that it’s the thing most clicked on in an ad. Buttons take all the hits (a brilliant pun where I’ve used the word “hits” as in bullet shots and “hits” as in web traffic).

I’m not going to split test the call to action text or the color of the button. I’m going to focus on the shape of the buttons. What difference could a small change in shape make anyway?  Now I’m not sure what percentage of websites use the rounded edge “2.0″ button, but it must be a lot. I’m thinking around 80% of websites opt for it.

  • “Wow, that’s amazing Mr Green! 80% of online businesses have come up with the same split test result ruling that a rounded edge button is the highest converting shape!?”

I doubt it...I think it’s the typical “ use it, so it must be good approach.”

Anyway enough chit-chat, let’s get down to action. The split test will consist of 12 different shapes as seen below. will be the traffic source of choice.

call to action buttons

The aim of the test is to find out which of the 12 shapes get the highest CTR (click-through-ratio). Not the prettiest bunch of buttons I know, but I want clicks not design cred.

  • “Uhh..Mr Green the success of these buttons depends on the ad design it’s placed on. We need more info…show us the goods!

Great call! Most likely I will stick with this one. A clean simple ad straight to the point. All buttons will be in the same position.

plenty of fish banner ad

Blurry photos are winners!

I Challenge You:

Guess which of these buttons will win. Enter your answer in the comments section. Correct answers will go in the draw to win a Gold Pass ($ 549) to Affiliate Summit West in Vegas. Vote on the poll below too! (poll doesn’t count towards entries but will be used to show results in next post.)

I will run traffic to these buttons and post results in a few days. I will be extremely surprised if the majority vote wins this one!


A.D.H.D readers: Click a button in the poll above, it’s a fun game.

Mr Green

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