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A $2000-$3000/day Media Buying Campaign

*This is a guest post by Mike from LeadBolt. Talk about going above and beyond your call of duty. Mike breaks it down like Luther…he certainly made me a believer.*

church preaching

This guide is for medium to advanced affiliates. I would not recommend running this if you are just starting out. I will explain how you can maintain high levels of inbound traffic on your content unlocker through display media buying.

This strategy works great for original video content. So, if you have a video you want to promote you will need the following:

Required Skills & Assets.

•    $ 500.00 investment

•    SiteScout account

•    LeadBolt account

•    Existing & Successful Campaign on LeadBolt

•    Photoshop / GIMP (Gimp is free!)

•    Banner Design Fundamentals

Again, this strategy is for people already earning and making good money. I will write some more basic strategy guides next. A simple change in a campaign can make all the difference.

Step 1. Setting Up.

To execute this strategy you will need to learn how to media buy on SiteScout (Editors note: I spot this as being a new affiliate hotspot. They serve 1.6 billion daily impressions.).  SiteScout offers Facebook inventory. The banner inventory is not the tiny text / thumbnails you are familiar with on the right panel of Facebook. Rather, this inventory is created by browser extensions. User must have a browser extension installed prior to seeing these ads.

Go forth and click “Create Campaign” with SiteScout. You will see a ton of sites.

sitescout create campaign

Choose FBSKINS,, or (Pro Tip: If you are a very detail oriented person you may want to create (3) separate campaigns and just keep one site on each buy as you can bid accordingly and track which site is working best.) You’ll notice there are a TON of impressions on these sites daily in the USA, so if you execute this properly, it’s EXTREMELY scalable. I have driven $ 2,000-$ 3,000 daily on my good days.

sitescout targetting

Now, add a creative. Something like this will work just fine.

Just add a relevant video background and make sure the gif looks like it’s loading.

With the PSD file I have included you should do “okay”. You won’t do GREAT. If you want creative consulting, you’ll need to speak with me individually. Skype: LeadBoltMIKE. (Please note, I have 500+ users on my Skype, and I get hit up non-stop. So please be patient. Lastly, I can’t teach this strategy to people who are 100% new to content locking. If you do not already have a working campaign on LeadBolt I will not teach you. )

Step 2. Media Buying.

Now, set up your media buy options.

sitescout options

Here is something I do not like about SiteScout. They do not tell you what bids you need to get traffic. So you have to guess, and if you guess too high…well SiteScout has so much traffic you can blow through your entire budget very quickly. So, I recommend setting your CPM to “whatever”, set your cap to $ 5.00 all time. Let it roll, then once the $ 5.00 is spent, look at eCPM and you’ll know EXACTLY what your CPM bid needs to be.

sitescout ctr

It took me hours to get a 5.8% CTR (Editors note: This number alone took me to believer land.) I used over 25 WELL- designed creatives, in combination with a lot of media buying experience.

  • At 5.8% = 58 clicks per 1000 impressions per $ 1.50
  • Cost per click = $ 0.025 per click.
  • LeadBolt’s avg USA EPC is $ 0.3.
  • BTW, you can geo-target USA only ;)

(Editors note: This is the kind of maths I enjoy)

sitescout day parting

Here are the best times to buy. Stick to this and you’ll never lose. People don’t click junk during the day, they are busy, at work, etc… you must target at night. 8:00PM EST on is gold.

Sitescout geo targetting

Use default GEO settings. If you want to target another country I’d highly recommend:

  • Germany
  • Spain
  • Portugal
  • Italy
  • France

Step 3. Design Creatives.

Here’s the HARDEST part. My guess is, if you have no idea what you are doing on the creative, you are going to avg CTRs of 0.20 on FBSKINS and 0.80 on FaceTheme. FBSkins is cheaper than FaceTheme.

I uploaded some basic creatives and here’s what I got:
FBSKINS CPM = $ 0.60


eCPC = $ 0.30



eCPC = $ 0.18

So, initially, you should be able to break-even with FaceTheme. If you design the right creative, and tweak, you’ll be profitable very quickly.
Lastly, and most importantly, with this strategy you can maintain a constant flow of traffic.

Contacting Me (Mike).

Michael Skype: LeadBoltMike

(Editors note: Please don’t bomb him with questions if you are starting out. Get yourself familiar with Leadbolt and content unlocking. Run some campaigns then ask questions. He’s only human!)

*After going through and reading/editing this article for the upteenth time I am becoming more and more hesitant about posting it. But then I thought what the hey! Why keep something for myself when I could give it away! This is just ridiculous…*

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