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Affiliate Meet Up Of The Year.

In the six years I’ve been doing affiliate marketing I’ve attended numerous meet ups. Lots of them I don’t remember, infact, if I’m honest I’ve only been to three worthwhile meet ups. Two of them were hosted by the legendary href="" target="_blank">tracking202 guys, the other was held by the mysterious man over at href="" target="_blank">

style="text-decoration: underline;">STORY TIME

Affiliate Summit West (the best conference style="text-decoration: underline;">ever) is creeping up fast! I knew things were changing up over at 202, so they’d be a bit busy to hold their meet up. I also knew Mr Affbuzz is hecticly working some mysterious venture so him hosting one is out of the question.

Someone has to host a decent affiliate meet up…

Weeks pass, no word of a meet up…then out of the blue I got a call from Adsimilis Eleah. She let a brotha know that they’d hired the “Hangover Suite” (from the movie) at Caesar’s Palace. She was wondering whether we would be down to hold a meet up there.  Lets just say, when I started doing some google image searches, the word “no” disappeared from my vocabulary.

class="size-full wp-image-3667 aligncenter" title="hangover" src="" alt="hangover" width="590" height="285" />

We started brainstorming what we’d need…it quickly became clear that a beer pong tournament was necessary. I’ve always wanted to have battles to the death against, other affiliates,other  traffic sources, other affiliate networks. What better way to fight it out, than with a brutal game of beer pong?

Next, I hollared at my boy from Affbuzz. I knew he could make the MEANEST birthday cake (it’s disgustingly delicious). This is a vital ingredient for any meet up. Whether it’s someone’s birthday or not, is irrelvant.

id="attachment_3679" class="wp-caption aligncenter" style="width: 600px"> class="size-full wp-image-3679" title="affbuzz-birthday-cake" src="" alt="" width="590" height="285" /> class="wp-caption-text">Two examples of cakes that can't live up to the Affbuzz legendary standards.

  • Beer pong – check.
  • Affbuzz birthday cake - check.

We ain’t stopping there. We need mooooaaarrr!

BONG! (the sound of a new Skype message). Nana from 202 hits me up, he had a flash of genius “We are happy to sponsor a white tiger to be at the meet up”. Alright now we are talking!

id="attachment_3680" class="wp-caption aligncenter" style="width: 600px"> class="size-full wp-image-3680" title="white-tiger" src="" alt="" width="590" height="220" /> class="wp-caption-text">Our second choice animal. Originally we were gunning for a Liger…turns out that they don't exist.

  • Beer pong – check.
  • Affbuzz birthday cake – check.
  • A white tiger – check.

There is just one more piece missing….


There are already over 200 people registered for this meet up. Crazy! This includes all your favourite traffic source reps (except for the blue devils).

If you haven’t RSVPed already, do it!

This will set a new standard for affiliate meet ups. We want all of you sophisticated, dapper people with a touch of swag to enjoy it with us.

href="">Find out more info on Facebook here.

If you have already RSVPed, you are just super awesome. ex oh ex oh.

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