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Business and Marketing Book Reviews: Blink by Malcolm Gladwell

by Malcolm Gladwell
Published by Back Bay Books

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Blink was published in 2005 by writer and pop sociologist, Malcolm Gladwell, and very quickly hit the bestseller list. Also available in audio format, this title is highly entertaining and provides a fantastic insight into the utility of human intuition.

Using a number of interesting examples and a wealth of scientific data, Blink looks at how we make accurate split-second decisions and how our minds can process complex scenarios almost instantly. Gladwell uses the term “adaptive unconscious” to handle what many other writers and teachers have called the intuition, or even the sixth-sense. The author builds a rock-solid case, demonstrating our mind’s incredible ability to assess a situation and compel us into the correct response without the need for conscious deliberation.

Blink is not a book about mystic concepts or new age ideas. Gladwell sticks to clear examples from the real world and verifiable research findings, and he does a great job of connecting to the reader through common experiences we’ve all had at one time or another. I believe he misses a few key aspects of intuition, and this is probably because he wanted to keep the content practical, grounded, and free from excess speculation. Despite a few missing aspects that I believe are critical to a complete discussion of spontaneous perception, I’m certain readers will benefit from the illustrations and explanations provided.

Among the more remarkable points is the evidence supporting the general lack of awareness we all suffer from. Professional tennis players will explain how they hit the ball, yet video footage of these athletes in action reveals entirely different tactics. Women involved in speed dating games will say they prefer one type of man, but show interest in an altogether different personality. The gap between how we live and how we say we live is often significant. Numerous examples of this nature suggest that a first step toward understanding and mastering ourselves may simply be paying more attention!

The tagline reads “The Power Of Thinking Without Thinking”, and that’s a perfect summary of what this material relates. As entrepreneurs, we can benefit tremendously from a deeper understanding of our instincts, and from learning to trust our initial, powerful inclinations. Anyone who wants to succeed in business should read or listen to this book.

The only major flaw in Blink is the author’s failure to comprehensively outline a process for enhancing one’s intuitive capability. A few simple tips are provided but the book would have been much more effective had greater focus been applied to the practical aspects of how to leverage one’s adaptive unconscious. You’ll have to fill in these gaps for yourself, and perhaps that’s appropriate given the subject matter.

Rating: 4 stars.

By Aaron Whiston
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