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Email Marketing Tips

Are you building an email list or interested in building a responsive email list? If yes, then this one’s for you.

First off, here’s a bit about my background.

I have a six-figure opt-in email list that I’ve built from various niche markets. So every subscriber opted-in; they gave me permission to send relevant information to their email inbox.

I’ve sent thousands of email messages with open rate tracking enabled. This has allowed me to comparatively review which email messages get opened and which emails don’t get opened.

Now remember, if you send your email list crappy spammy content then they’re not going to be opening your messages for long anyway…. and rightfully so.

Don’t do that.

However, if you have a track record of delivering valuable relevant content to your subscribers then these techniques will be beneficial.

Alrighty, so here’s a handful of my time-tested proven email subject title tactics that you can use right now to “get opened” more often.

Email Subject Title Tactics:

1. Punctuation (Mark The Spot)

Punctuation marks: quotations, brackets, hyphens, parenthesis, etc…

What’s so clever about all that?

Well, you can have a headline AND a call to action all in the same email subject title. You can have a ying and a yang. Plus your email message will be outstanding in a crowded inbox and much more likely to catch the reader’s eye first.

Here are some examples:

  • “This is weird!”
  • Six Pack Abs (No Crunches or Sit Ups)
  • Solar Hybrid Supercar [PIC INSIDE]

2. The Promise of Visual Value: “Video”, “Picture”, “Clip”, etc…

I’ve found that most people just love opening emails with some sort of visual element in the subject title….period. This works across the board, no matter what your product or niche may be.

Go to or to find popular niche related subject tiles that have “Video” or “Picture” in the title. You’ll find tons of great eye-catching ideas for any niche market.

Of course, it’s important to follow-through and deliver a video or picture that’s relevant to your subscriber’s interest. Make sure it’s something that they’ll find informative or enjoyable, preferably both.

Here are some examples of how to use visual elements in your email subject titles:

  • Video Message w/ Kenny Powers
  • O_O (Seminar Pics)

3. Use Market Buzz Words To Spark Interest

Go to Google Insights or Google Alerts to find market buzz words that are targeted to your niche. These buzz words will spark your subscribers interest and propel them to open the email.

Be the first to tell them breaking news related to their market.

Here are some examples of using market buzz words in your email subject titles:

  • YouTube in trouble?
  • iPad (New Dieting App)
  • Jeff Bridges’ guitar lesson

4. Cliffhangers – The Force Of Curiosity

Curiosity has opened a zillion and one emails. Use cliff hangers in your subject title to spark the interest of those scanning through their inbox.

Here are some universal examples:

  • You know this guy?
  • Never will happen again. EVER.
  • LOOK (this is a good one)


OK, that’s all for now, but I promise to share more with you very soon!

There are ways to increase your email open rates that have nothing at all to do with subject titles. Keep an eye on this section for more on that topic.

Stay tuned,

Mitch Sanders

P.S.- Use this information for the purposes of legitimate online marketing.  Make the Internet a better place for everyone.  In other words… be cool.

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    2 Thumbs up for this very useful and comprehensive post about email marketing. Your examples are really great. I could apply these tips on my email marketing campaign :)

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