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Mr Green Acquires FB Ad Manager

fb ad manager dragons den

The Dragons, usually unfazed by web ventures, have taken a liking to this software for making ads on "The Facebook"

As of this week, Mr Green will be running the FB Ad Manager show.

I’d like to thank my friend Jonny Deyo, for creating such a kick-ass tool. I was lucky to be one of the beta testers back in the day. When I first started out on Facebook, I was manually uploading 1000s of ads. Life was not fun. This tool was one of the major reasons I was able to generate $ x,xxx,xxx on Facebook ads and kick start my affiliate marketing career.

Mr Green, that’s cool and all, but why should we care?

Well I’m not sure if you guys are familiar with a little thing called the Plenty of Fish Uploader, but that fish has got some speed. As we speak, I’ve got my Russian hackers hacking away at the FB Ad Manager, turning it into an ad uploading speed demon. Uploading times will be cut in half, if not more. This means you can spend even more time focusing on other parts of your businesses.

I’ll also sort out an active support forum which will help form an even more awesomer, smoother, functioning Ad Manager.

I am looking forward to working with existing customers. An update should be coming out this week. And to those who haven’t seen the light yet, well come forth and show yourselves. You are missing out!

***UPDATE: Please read here***

Mr Green

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