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Mr Green is Coming To Town.

Man does time fly (did you see what I did there? It was a pun to do with traveling). Today I’m going to be catching a 12 hr flight over to San Fran. I will be parked up at the 202 Mansion (basically an industry commune) for around 5 days. From there I will get a few meetings done and hang out with local inhabitants. Then I’m off to New York for Ad-Tech to network with the industries finest, and possible take care of any table tennis champion wannabes! Finally I’ll head to L.A for the most important secret business meeting of the trip.

If anyone wants to catch up or chat let me know! I’ll be actively using twitter (@mrlorenzogreen) for the first time in my life.

P.S. For any US aliens wondering if it’s worth it to fork up cash to go Ad-Tech. The answer is it yes. It costs me around $ 3000 for each conference trip. I attend around 3 a year. I can honestly say that each conference tip I’ve invested in has returned me a great ROI . The contacts you will make and relationships you will build are well worth the investment.

Mr Green

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