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Mr Green Turns One Year Old.

Wow has time flown! Thanks to Mr Affbuzz (my uncle), I was informed that it was my first birthday. I guess I didn’t realize because I hadn’t received any presents…I’m assuming you all have them coming in the mail?? Maybe there was a problem with the post service…cause I know you people are the coolest, most generous people in the world.

mr green birthday

Time to reminisce.

I started this blog 12 months ago to use as a networking tool. I can proudly say that in that aspect, I’ve achieved what I set out for.

I can also proudly say that I have not made one affiliate sale from this blog. I know normally one shouldn’t be proud of not making any sales, but I wanted this blog to be a clean, green, marketing info machine and it’s stayed that way.


  • This blog has introduced me to many cool people in the industry.
  • I created the Plenty of Fish uploader which was originally built out of my interest in having my own product rather than making money. It turned out to be very successful and I learnt a lot from it.
  • The totally nutcase Photoshop images I have created have been a lot of fun.
  • I’ve managed to come up with wacky case studies, that I would’ve never done without this blog.
  • I have improved 10 fold with my writing skills. I still wouldn’t call myself a good writer, but I was woeful 12 months ago. I now know the difference between “your” and “you’re”. No more do I start all my articles with “It was a dark and stormy night”.
  • I acquired the Facebook Ad Manager for a decent chunk of money.

Down (singular).

  • Facebook lawyers shutdown the Facebook Ad Manager 6 days later. It was a very interesting time…I learnt a lot about people and the workings of Facebook.

The Future?

More e-books, affiliate links, free reports and reviews.

I joke.

I actually feel like I’m evolving at the moment…like a level 16 Bulbasaur thinking about his life as an Ivysaur. I’m thinking long term. I’m thinking product creation.  Not sure what is in store but no doubt I will continue to bust a few case study moves or two.

Thank yous.

To the best readers ever! You make this blog happen.

I reckon if there were an “Amazing Race” for blog readers, Mr Green blog readers would totally smash other blog readers to pieces. You guys rock (yes even those of you who suffer from chronic A.D.H.D and only read the last 20 words of my 1000+ word articles)! If it weren’t for all the feedback, both positive and negative, I wouldn’t have had the will to make it this long.

I’d also like to thank That site was one of the reasons I got more than 10 visitors a day. Affbuzz was the fertilizer for Mr Green’s tree of life.

Lastly, thank you to my mysterious editor, you know who you are!

Mr Green

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