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New Facebook Fan Pages

Facebook made some changes to their Fan Pages this week.  Now, they look almost identical to user pages.

“The update not only removed tabs, but it gave page admins the ability to post and comment on other Facebook Pages through a ‘Login as Page’ feature,” according to Mashable writers.  New Pages cannot, however, comment on a user’s wall

The most noticeable changes are with the left-hand and right-hand menus.  The left-hand menu that was used for editing pages has been removed.  And, as with user pages, the left-hand information box is also gone.  The right-hand menu has a new section that features the page’s admins.  It also shows how many people “like” that page.  Two other new features are the ability to add info under their main title, and, also similar to user pages, there are photos on the top of the page that are completely customizable.

Having Fan Pages looking similar to regular profiles keeps consistency in users Facebook experiences.  This is what Facebook’s lead product manager for Facebook Pages, Rohit Dhawan wanted.  The consistency will help a brand spread its name.  Also, since a Fan Page can comment on other Fan Pages now, it will help the brand reach out (prior to this update, this feature was not available).

You can choose to update now, but on March 10th it will be mandatory to have the new Fan Page profile.

Tell us your comments about this.  Do you think it will make any difference to the way people market?  Or is it just another one of Facebook’s annoying updates?

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