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Product Creation: Easy Way To Create Video Content

Found this on another blog ( ) and thought you might like it too. Have you wanted to create a product but don’t know where to start? Here’s your answer!

There’s nothing wrong with selling a downloadable eBook, but expanding your product’s horizon, beyond text-based content, can make your product a more engaging experience for the customer.

Changing up how you deliver your content will also help you stand apart from the competition and add value to your product.

Think about it.  An audio course has more perceived (and actual) value than a written course.  And a video course takes it up another notch.

So let’s take a look at some of the other mediums you can use to keep your customer engaged and capture your audience’s attention.

These content creation tools are a great resource… and they’re all free.

A Screencasts is a video that captures what is happening on a computer screen and also records your voice.  It’s an excellent way to show someone how to do just about anything.  Here are two free resources for recording screencasts:

You can use Jing for creating short (5 minutes or less) screencasts for free.  Simply select a window and Jing records everything that happens in that window or that area of the screen.  You can narrate the screencast by using your computer’s microphone.  If your computer doesn’t have a microphone you can buy one for less than $25 bucks.  Jing creates files in SWF format, which is Flash.  You can use Jing on your Mac or PC.

Go here to use Jing:

Camstudio is another free tool you can use for screencasts.  Camstudio creates AVI files and will turn those files into SWF videos.  Unlike Jing, there is not a 5 minute maximum recording limit.  This is not the same thing as Camtasia Studio which cost $299.  Camstudio is only available on the PC right now.

Go here to use Camstudio:

You can easily turn your eBook into an Audio Book by recording yourself reading the eBook.  Audio can also be effective in certain areas of your sales copy.

Audacity is a free audio recorder and editor.  You can easily play with the pitch of the recording and remove background noise.  Audacity has some cool effects, such as wah wah and echo.  You can use the free Audacity software on your Mac or PC.

Go here to use Audacity:

Enhance your product, blog, emails, sales copy or practically any other way that you communicate with your prospects and customers by giving one of these a shot.

If you’ve never created your own product and want to take it to the next level then these tools will empower you to become a content creator and publisher.

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