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The Best Business TV Shows

This is a follow up post to my Best Business Movies post.

Everyone watches trashy TV…some more than others. When I indulge in guilty, trashy TV pleasures, I like to keep things on topic (even if they are cringe worthy). So, I’ve compiled a list of what I think are the best business TV shows, both educational and purely for entertainment’s sake.

Best Business TV Shows:

Mad Men

mad men tv show

Watch a short clip here (Embedding has been disabled on all Mad Men Youtube videos)

Mad Men is a classy, quick witted TV show based around an advertising agency in the 60s. With hints of David Ogilvy, whiskey on the rocks during business hours, and sales pitches that make me go ga ga, this show is a must for all in the industry.

My vote 9/10.

Dragons Den (UK)

Budding entrepreneurs pitch their business idea to five potential investors. Most business ideas get absolutely ripped apart within seconds. However, the good few that survive, get a nice pay day plus some. This has the full package of education and entertainment. One of the judges, Duncan Bannatyne is one of my idols.

P.S. Duncan if you are reading this, please follow me back on twitter, thanks.

My vote 8.5/10.


A behind the scenes look at the grimy world of infomercials. Featuring Anthony Sullivan and the late Billy Mays. A lot of yelling and loud voices but I did learn a few things whilst watching it.

My vote 7/10.

Louie Theoroux on Infomercials

Louie Theoroux is just hilarious. He is a tall, lanky, and likeable character that puts himself in the most awkward situations. He pokes and prods people to the limits. Subjects unknowingly get made total fun of. Louie even ends up making an infomercial of his own. Pure entertainment.

My vote 8.5/10.

The Celebrity Apprentice

Absolute utter trash. Cringe factor off the scale. Zero business value. But it is very entertaining!

My vote 6/10.

The Wire

A raw look at the business and landscape of the urban drug trade. More suitable for prospective law students than business students. But it’s a nice change from CSI, NSIS, NSIC, SSI, CCI, ISN, CIN Miami, NISN Tampa Bay and CSC 6th Avenue North Beach 91210.

My Vote 8/10.

The Office (UK)

Ok, I’m really clutching at straws here. There is minimal business content going on, but it is just too hilarious to miss. I love to have a good cringe. David Brent has to be the most foul, disgusting, cringe-worthy, and awkward characters ever to set foot on TV. I own the DVD set and have watched it over 5 times. Pure brilliance.

P.S I know ill probably get a lot of haters for saying this but…the US Office is absolute rubbish. Lost all sense of subtly. Terrible.

My Vote 8.5/10.

I hope you can find something you like on that list. Remember I only watch TV shows that get broadcast down in little ole New Zealand. So if I’m missing any just holla!

Mr Green

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