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Do Not Join Global Domains International | Global Domains International Scam

Global Domains International is a company that many people stumble across once they’ve filtered out all the blatant scams that exist on the internet. However when one looks closely at the Global Domains International module, it’s easy to see how it very nearly is a scam.

Global Domains International promotes itself to the people seeking to create an income online by playing the multi-level-marketing card very well in its video. Whilst not a pyramid scheme, it follows the pyramid method and keeps quiet about the amount of work that one has to do to see any sort of return.

For each person you can get to sign-up for Global Domains International through you, that is a $1 a month or a $6 sale if one takes into account the average membership at GDI. This stands in stark contrast to the pay out you can receive up-front from web hosts like FatCow and BlueHost who offer $100+ for the sale of a web hosting plan.

The supposed beauty though about GDI is that your sign-ups will in turn build their own downline, thus profiting you.

But what is really happening? Everyone begins selling a “promise of wealth” that they themselves haven’t experienced. To the moral person this is quite unnerving.

And secondly, (and perhaps more practically) most people at Global Domains International don’t know how to market. Which is why there is such a horde of you tube videos on the subject all promoting the “easy promise of wealthy.”

Making money online is not easy, but with the right education and tools, it can be. For a free invaluable guide that teaches how a lot of money can be made morally and effectively through internet marketing, then I cannot recommend enough this guide.

Hopefully this review of Global Domains International has opened your eyes somewhat to the grim reality that while it is not a scam, it is not the best option if looking to create a sustainable and profitable home business opportunity.

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